Who we are

We are delighted you have taken time to visit our virtual centre page; please take time to read our brief history below. Should you decide to join us, please go to WC Centre page for contact info.

1.0 About us: Background
Christian Revival Centre, CRC, is a faith based organization established in 2005 in a local church, Ward End, Birmingham. Initially the aim was to come together as body of Christian believers largely from ethnic minority and socially excluded members of our local society, to praise and worship our God whilst hoping He will relieve us of our plight, i.e. ignorance, poverty and social exclusion.

As years went by and we continued to congregate, we realized that our future is in our hands; we must not just meet to address our spiritual needs, we must also begin to address our social and economic needs for the benefit of our members as well as the society we live in. This will make our Gospel more relevant and an integral part of a much wider community.

However, making ourselves relevant and more society/community oriented, it became apparent that we will need to form a semi-autonomous organization whose aim and objective will be to address social-economic issues of our members as well as the community we live in.

The aim of this organization was/is to become an all-inclusive, multi-cultural, inter-religious social enterprise entity taking advantage of Government initiatives such as ‘Big Society’, ‘Be Birmingham’ and other Government policies and initiatives aimed at supporting community based initiatives.

Thus in April 2011, under the CRC Ltd directors and Charity trustees’ resolution, World Connect, WC, (initially called CRC community centre) was established. The organization is to be formed as an arm (extension) of the initial mother charity, the Christian Revival Centre, a limited company by guarantee No 1136957 and also registered Charity No 6754165.

We therefore gladly welcome all members wishing to join us, support us or work in partnership with us; united we stand, divided we fall. (World Connect welcomes members from abroad as well; if you would like to be a member and or establish world connect centre in your region/country, please do not hesitate to contact us)

2.0 World Connect Community:
World Connect is a social economic development community group bringing together all those who appreciate the challenges currently facing Black, Ethnic Minority people and individuals who are socially and economically disadvantaged in Birmingham, UK and the World at Large

A crucial aspect of all our action is co-operation in strengthening our cooperative organisational capacity to enable us to continue with our projects and activities by pooling our resources and funds for development collectively and individually.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a centre for development, through shared responsibility with an all-inclusive community that creates an environment supportive of peoples’ own efforts to improve their quality of life and self-determination.

Our Mission
 Fostering social action and community engagement in order to improve our competitiveness to empower our communities and individuals through pooling efforts, time and resources around us to foster and support a new culture of work ethics, voluntarisms, and philanthropy as well as responsible and proactive citizenry.

Our Values

We hold ourselves personally (conduct) and organizationally responsible and accountable to God, the authority under which we live in, the people that God has entrusted us with, the members of WC and the community that we live in. We conduct ourselves with honest, transparency and integrity.

3.0 Leadership:
The leadership of WC is formed of ‘Management Committee’ which was appointed by members and approved by the CRC Trustees. Below is the list of Management Committee members, which shall hold the office for two years before coming to election.

Chair Person
: Moses Katega
Vice Chair
: Mwanaidi Mrengo
Executive Secretary
: Timoth Kyara
Client Relations
: ‘vacant for now’
Secretary for Finance
: Susan Oyoo
Centre Manager
: Edwin Ndalama
Office Superintendence
: Saphina Kobusinge
HR Administrator
: Saphina Kobusinge
Events Manager
: Lucky Ramatlo
: Brian Ngelangela
: Ruth Adewole
: Ruwan Fernando
: Pamela Nguma-Mtengule