Goals & Objectives

Our Goals and Objectives are as follows:
1.    Relief of poverty particularly of persons who are socially and economically excluded and or disadvantaged. 

2.    Promote member empowerment through social action, pooling of resources together to boost our competitiveness in Big Society call.

3.    Contribute to the promotion of public health and social education as a way of tackling cross cutting issues: HIV/AIDS, crime and drug abuse prevention.

4.    Maximise the exploitation of our talents and skills, encourage work ethics and reduction of welfare dependence mentality.

5.    Promote cultural values and heritage to address the problem of identity crisis in order to encourage individual sense of belonging and community bonds.

6.    Promote active citizenship through civic education programmes so as to build a strong and dynamic civil society group as a prerequisite for achieving and maintaining the long – term changes required for poor people to improve the quality of their lives.

7.    Promote effective communication as a crucial part of all our projects and the principles of democracy, cooperation as key elements of the organisation’s capacity, internal and external networking to enable us to continue our activities in the long run.