Friday, 3 June 2011


Welcome : Karibu : Tsena : Mbote : Bienvenue : Mauya : Wabale-Okuja

Dear Members and All Well Wishers,
I welcome you to our World Connect development community. This community group brings together all those who appreciate the challenges currently facing us as socially excluded and Ethnic Minority people living in Birmingham, England and the world at large*. We form an extension of the initial mother charity, the Christian Revival Centre.

Our policy is centred on moving away from an exclusively religious, faith based denominational group to an inclusive, ecumenical and inter – religious community action driven by promotion of virtues like: holistic liberation theology, health and well-being and poverty reduction.

The centre aims at contributing to creating an environment supportive of poor people’s own efforts to improve their quality of life. We believe that poverty is not only material resource deprivation but a state of mind, powerlessness, lack of opportunity to express ones potential, justice and sense of insecurity and hopelessness.

We aim at developing into a strong and dynamic civic society group in response to the Government call for community action and BIG SOCIETY. A strong civil society is a prerequisite for achieving and maintaining the desired long-term changes required for deprived poor people to improve the quality of their lives.

A crucial aspect of all our action is co-operation in strengthening our cooperative organisational capacity to enable us to continue with our projects and activities when pooling resources and funds together for development both as a community and as individual.

* Note, members who are not in Birmingham (and England) can join the organization; they will be welcome to join members meetings by skype, conference calls or sending emails/text during and or prior to meetings.

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