Opportunities Corner

On this page we shall be posting all jobs, volunteer, mentorship and such opportunities, to members. Make sure you visit this page often (follow) to be informed timely on what is available for you.

 Follow the instructions provided carefully, our aim at WC is to "work smarter" not "harder" efficiency and effectiveness of personal time is the key:


  1. Business Start Up Course (FREE):

    ·Are you interested in learning more about Business Start up?
    ·Want to gain a qualification from Coventry University?
    ·Got one day a week for 6 weeks to spare from July?
    ·Want time to develop/discuss a business idea and learn how to move it forward?

    Contact Tim asap on timjaykay@yahoo.com

  2. Just to let you know that the internet cafe will be opened this coming Tuesday from 9am to 9pm. Those who would like to be considered to volunteer running it, please send me your availability slot asap either on: timjaykay@yahoo.com or M: 07865182964

  3. Just a note to let you know that we now have Western Union services at the centre. Please make use of us when sending or recieving money from abroad. Note: you may not even have to come to centre to get this service.

    World Connect (t/n for CRC Ltd) introduces another service which is cargo forwarding to East (and Central) Africa.

    We will be doing this service once a month (as it takes time to collect enough worthwhile weight to forward by air).

    The next cargo will be forwarded on Monday 26th September 2011. Please bring your cargo to the centre before this date. Our rates are £3.50 per Kilogramme and there will be NO ADMIN charges.

    For more details please contact the centre @ office hours.

    Tim Kyara
    Executive Secretary
    T: 0121448 0026
    W: www.worldconnect1.blogspot.com